Varsano Family Roots

Welcome to Varsano Family Roots, a website dedicated to the researching and celebrating the Varsano Family History, Food, Art, Music, and Rituals. 


varsano-family-logo2I have researched the Varsano Family through publicly available resources as well as stories, recipes, and songs passed down by my relatives. My hope is that other members of the greater Varsano Family will contribute their own stories, recipes, songs, art, and rituals, so we can develop a complete family document. Research to date has revealed that the Varsano family is a relatively small group, but with a remarkably rich and consistent history.

I found several different branches of the Varsano Family Trees that don’t seem to connect, and the data is mostly unavailable prior to around 1850. However, the history of Sephardic Jews in Spain, Italy, Turkey/Greece, and Bulgaria shows that the greater Varsano Family was most likely directly related about 300 to 500 years ago. Since data from that time period is hard to find, we may never know the answers to some of history’s mysteries, but I would like to use the power of modern technology and crowd sourcing to attempt to paint as detailed picture of the Varsano Family as possible.

Disclaimer: My name is Jonathan Varsano and I live in Culver City, California. I am not a professional Genealogist, nor do I have a graduate degree in History, Jewish Studies, or any equivalent. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Business Economics and have primarily worked in commercial real estate throughout my career. Therefore, if anyone finds incorrect information, formatting, or any other errors, please feel free to send me corrections.

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